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A National Level Technical Symposium


Outwit, Outplay, Outlast !!!

Science can Amuse and fascinate us all, but its Engineering that changes the world.

- Isaac Asimov

Watch the Power of Technology hypnotize minds at the premises of Agni College Of Technology. The National level technical symposium "Agnitio 2K15" by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is to be held on March 25th. Agnitio focuses on bringing out the spirit of Engineering, creating a platform for Innovation, Ideation and Ingenuity.

It is a tech-arena armed with challenging events, intended at bringing out uncharted talents of the coders, cryptographers, quizzers, orators and dweebs among you. If the Marvels of Innovation, Prowess of Science and Technology, Dissent of learning by practice have baffled you, many of them would be demystified soon at Agnitio.

So, If you are a Science/Technology enthusiast, Agnitio is the place to be.

About Us

This is who we are

Agni College of Technology, the destination of knowledge with an assured future! Agni strives to provide a unique setting for stimulating creative thoughts which ensures that every student who graduates from its portal, scores very high in public spiritedness and remains commited to their society. Compassion and commitment to every section of society are hallmarks of minds that get trained at Agni.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering "PROZILOS" has acquired great importance over the past few years. This has been achieved by the collective and responsive effort of our faculties and students. The department aims to inculcate profound knowledge and skills in the areas of computer hardware and software development.


Battleground Level Zero

The Info Show

Paper Presentation

Read more

Crack It Up

Once a programmer is always a programmer!

Read more

Techno Hunt

Wake up the prodigy in you!

Read more


Say Cheese!

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Astonishing Artistry

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Extroverts it's your turn now!!!

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Lights Camera Action

Short Film!!!

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App It

Code It..Build It..Run It..!!!

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Doodle It

Unravel your imagination

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Gully Cricket


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Crack Ur Queries

Greetings from team Agnitio,

ProZilos invites you all to experience the euphoric moments here at Agnitio 2K15.

The hospitality team of Agnitio intends to carry on the legacy of AGNI COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY forward by maintaining healthy host-guest relationship. It is the supreme pleasure of the hospitality team to make all our guests feel at home through highly warm and affectionate service. You can always count on us right from the moment you walk into our campus.

Hospitality desk is a one-stop point for all your issues and queries.

  • Confused about where a particular arena is?
  • Unsure of an event venue?
  • Wish to know the latest updates about the events?
  • Wish to grab a copy of the schedule?
  • Have any other issues or problems?
  • Feel free to walk in to the Hospitality desk during Agnitio 2K15.
  • A dedicated team of hospitable members will work round the clock to ensure that your stay is very comfortable and memorable. We shall ensure that your queries are completely addressed. After all, our primary goal is to ensure that you take home not only your prizes and certificates, but also pleasant memories of a lifetime!


    College Id card is mandatory for registration.

    Online registration is compulsary for Paper presentation.

    For Queries


    Contact Us

    Keep In Touch

    Agni College of Technology - ACT

    Old Mahabalipuram Road,


    Chennai - 603 103,

    Tamil Nadu.

    Aravind         :           9884820261

    Varun Kumar : 9884213629

    Shreeram : 9840842438


    For Bus Routes: Click Here

    Zero Down Our Location...

    The Info Show

    Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.

    - Rick Jobastans


    Tickle your ideas now! Here it is the technical paper presentation event for those who never found the right forum to stage their conceptions, mark their innovations and see the ideas transform into reality. All you need is some technical flair but a simple spark and the right forum to exhibit them. So prepare yourself to unleash the penned down thoughts in this battle for the best.

    Let your confidence reflect your contentedness!!!

    Abstract of paper should contain:

    • Title of the Paper
    • Author/Co-Author (s) name with institution as applicable
    • Objective of the paper
    • Description of the problem statements
    • Methodology/results/limitations/conclusion
    • The distinguishing features of this paper from any existing solution.
    • Author/co-author (s) need to consider all requirements mentioned
    • Due importance is attached to uniqueness, novel and innovative ideas.
    • College, department, contact details (Mobile No. & Email-id).
  • Due importance is attached to uniqueness, novel and innovative ideas.


  • Maximum two members per team can participate.
  • Abstract and full paper should be mailed to The intimation will be on 20th March 2015
  • Presentation will be displayed in front of the juries and participants must elaborate the concepts.
  • Contact

    Ashwin.:81485 39628

    Saipriyadharshini.:84890 39478

    Crack It Up

    Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live

    - Rick Osborne


    cout<<"A proficient programmer is fully aware of the limited size of his own cranium. He therefore approaches his tasks with full modesty and avoids clever tricks like the plague.";

  • Do you feel the rush of adrenaline when you see a program?
  • Bugs are known to rattle coders but can you rattle the others by overhauling the bugs in a jiffy?
  • Can you code in 2 lines what others take 20 lines to achieve?
  • Are you eager to fight your way through a group of geeks or a Hub of programmers?
  • Do you covet wearing the crown of "Best Programmer" one day?
  • Replied "Yes" for any (or all) of the questions above?

    Congratulations!! You have found the perfect arena in the battlefield of Agnitio to showcase your skills.


  • Each team can have maximum of two members, Lone wolves are also allowed.
  • The participants needn't be from same institution/college.
  • Teams involving in any kind of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.
  • Decisions made by the admins will be final and binding.
  • Programming languages allowed are C, C++, Java only.
  • Time and/or memory constraints will be provided for all the questions.
  • The results are finalized based on i) Number of problems solved, ii) Time of last submission, iii) Total number of submissions, in the specified order.
  • Prelims

    A written round consisting of general coding, debugging and output estimation.


    The top 10 teams will be shortlisted to attend the final round. You will be expected to code programs for the problem statements given such that it satisfies all the test cases..


    Varun Kumar:98842 13625

    Lokkesh Krishna.:98401 02300

    Techno Hunt

    The whole of science is nothing but a refinement of everyday thinking.

    - Albert Einstein


    The art of questioning is an important trait we humans possess. This ability to question makes us wonder about the Universe and harness it for our needs.

    Guys its high time!! Pull up your socks and keep yourself up to date on all happenings about our technical field. So get ready to ride across the gamut of questions, no doubt about charging every cell of your gray matter. Be it any subject, we will keep your brain engaged on easy questions, not-so-easy ones and yeah! even downright obscure ones! Discuss, argue, decide, win or lose, learn and have a technical battle with our quiz masters!


    Teams can have a maximum of 2 members. Lone wolves are welcome too.

    A written prelims tests the participants wisdom in the field of Science & Technology.

    Googling is prohibited.


    The top 6 teams will progress to the finals.

    The finals comprises of 5 diverse rounds which will put your grey cells to test.

    Judges decision is Final & Binding.


    Badrinath.:80123 77333

    Priya:90470 73066


    Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.

    - Winston Churchill


    Rise, roar and conquer the pinnacle of glory! Get adorned and achieve the ultimate!

    Come and join all the other divergent thinkers at Agnitio'15 and battle it out for glory in solving a plethora of muddles and mazes that only the most intellectual and relentless of the competitors can survive. A wide range of teasers and crypts is in store to flabbergast you. All your logical and analytical skills will be needed for you to prevail against the intellects and to combat against the rivals! Gear up to flaunt your wits at

    photoShop!!! Do rendering in your cache; filter your brain in the sea of plugin! Fine-tune your picture with pleasant algo"rhythms"; the network we need is to get our systems operating!


  • Each team can have a maximum two members. (Lone-wolves are also allowed, though we recommend otherwise)
  • Members of a team need not necessarily be from the same institution.
  • Usage of PDAs and mobiles during the event is strictly prohibited.
  • The decisions of the organisers are final and binding.
  • Prelims

  • Topic and base pic will be provided on spot.
  • The top 6 teams will be selected for the finals.
  • Finals

  • Topic and base pic will be provided on spot.
  • Further constraints will be announced on the spot.
  • It will be a hands-on event. Gear up to wreck your brain to amalgamate all your computer cognisance, while concurrently having fun!


    Rakesh Subhakaran.:96989 90003

    Kesavan.: 97890 54832


    Who needs sports stardom when you can shoot fireballs from your finger tip.

    - Ethan Gildsdorf


    Tired of being an all time stress carrying engineer!!? Come be a champion of games! It is an opportunity to focus your energy with relentless optimism, at something we are good at or to be more specific! Something we are getting better at!

    AGNITIO has planned to make you a racer, shooter and an angry birdie!!!

    Games that we want you to play here are:


    Karthi:90941 28925

    Harish:98657 96044

    Lights Camera Action

    Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

    - Robert Altman


    "ACTION/CUT" : You have gone from an Idea to Script to Shoot to Finished Film! Now what?

    Just showcase your work in this unique extravaganza that provides talented filmmakers collegewide.It's an opportunity to exhibit their masterpiece. Agnitio 2K15 is not your usual mortar Film festival, it's unique and innovative & our main focus is to find the next generation of talented filmmakers out there...


  • The film must not exceed 15 minutes of runtime (including credits).
  • Only first 10 participants of onsite registration will be considered excluding online registration..
  • The film can be based on any non-offensive theme.
  • The entry must be uploaded in youtube and the link must be sent to .
  • Selected entries will be notified through e-mail.
  • Any unoriginal material used in the film must have all relevant rights secured.
  • Finals

    The participants must bring the film in a pen drive or DVD.

    The film must be in AVI, MP4 or MKV format only.


    Sathish:91763 11994

    Priyanka:89407 28971

    Doodle It

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    - Napoleon Bonaparte


    Are you a cartoon or comic freak! Are you one among the creative heads?

    Be a part of Agnitio to make your memories fly across your eyes! Showcase your doodling talent which you would have drawn in school notebooks and benches during the boring classes! Now make it interesting with your own creative thoughts and grab the chance to show your best!


  • Contestants should represent their ideas in the form of doodle art.
  • Contestants are requested to bring their own materials such as sketch pens, markers etc.,
  • Papers will be provided by the organizers.
  • Prelims

    Concept can be of their own.

    Evaluation is done based on how well you express your ideas.


    Selected 10 contestants will enter the final round.

    Concept for the final round will be onspot.

    Evalution is done based on how well you express your ideas.


    Nandhini.:98401 68606

    Preethi. : 88079 09210

    Gully Cricket

    For me,Opposition is just another Opposition.

    -Mahendra Singh Dhoni


    Are you a cricket maniac? Are you planning to make your day enjoyable?

    Yes! The play is all set. Come to Agnitio to quench your criket thirst. Here we have created a great platform for you to get ready for the funfilled bamboozal!

    Event Format

  • Each team should have 5 players.
  • Bowling is of under arm type.
  • Five over match with five balls per over.
  • Its a box match.
  • The ball when tossed out of the box by the batsman without pitching and fielder interruption will be considered as OUT.
  • No running in between the wickets.
  • Umpires decision is final.
  • Contact

    Vignesh:82209 04906

    Purushothaman:98405 01843


    Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.

    - David Alan Harvey


    Are you one of them who think out of the box, who perceives the world more often through your camera lens than your iris?

    Well 'O well.. This event is for all those passionate photographers who's ever curious & passionate love affair with the camera never cease. Get Ready with Ur camera's & start Clicking...Let the colors, topics, contrasts, subjects, lightings speak to your soul...



    Photos posted should be original. (post your photos at our facebook page)
    • Editing the picture is not allowed.
    • Multiple entries from a single person is not allowed.
    • The entries should be posted on agnitio's timeline.


    Contestants will be shortlisted based on the number of likes and the quality of the photo submitted.

    Shortlisted candidates will be notified.


    On site session.

    The task of the shortlisted candidates is to cover the day's activities at agnitio.

    Contestants should bring their own cameras.


    Rakesh Subhakaran.:96989 90003

    Praveen.:97883 65721

    App It

    Beginning of knowledege is the discovery of something we do not understand

    - Frank Herbert


    Agnitio provides you an opportunity to show your apps skills to the universe.

    Apps On


    The displayed app should not be copyrighted by any app developers or organizations.
    • Apps must not request for a super user permission(root).
    • Apps should be in real time(simulations not accepted).
    • Event will be displaying the app infront of spectators and it is analyzed for copyrights and best app developer is announced.


  • Both online and onsite registration is allowed.
  • Contact

    Kishor Raja. : 91762 29909

    Ganesan. : 90424 50823


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